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Closet Genève reveals all new website platform, making it easier and more enjoyable to buy pre-owned luxury

Switzerland’s leading luxury resale platform Closet Genève, known for offering the latest in pre-owned designer clothing, accessories and more, has renewed their commitment to sustainable fashion with an all new website platform, that makes buying second-hand luxury an easier and more enjoyable experience.

It was entrepreneur founder Victoria Uldry, who started the Switzerland-based resale business in 2019, with a vision to provide a more responsible and eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion, while making luxury goods more attainable and better priced. From its conception, the platform has been driven to elevate the overall experience of buying and selling pre-owned luxury, creating a trusted marketplace that not only strictly authenticates products, but offers a curated edit of unique and rare vintage gems that you wouldn’t normally find. Catering to their growing fashion community, the new website and mobile design introduces a refreshed visual design, increased user-friendly functionality, integrated editorial content and advanced digital tools that improve the customer experience — like detailed search filters, price drop notifications and ‘complete the look’ style recommendations that guide and help shoppers to navigate the site much quicker and find what they are looking for.

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And in a reflection of the growth and popularity of pre-loved fashion, Closet Genève has expanded into other regions like the US, UK and France, increasing the reach of their platform, which benefits sellers and offer buyers a wider selection of unique and highly desirable luxury brands from the across the globe. The overall result is an entirely new, one-of-a-kind platform that maintains the integrity of the original creation, while adding value to their marketplace and contributing to the growth of the circular fashion economy — in other words, the future of sustainable fashion.

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