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Headwear that stands out: Maison Sirafe crafts timeless, statement hats for every occasion

Defined by a playful design aesthetic and a steadfast commitment to traditional craftsmanship, the Switzerland-born brand, Maison Sirafe, is bringing a fresh touch to an age-old fashion accessory and making it utterly relevant. The brand interlaces a unique narrative of cultural heritage and modernity, offering timeless, statement hats that elevate your personal style. Whether you’re slipping into the bucket hat trend or opting for a timeless Fedora, Maison Sirafe offers a hat for every occasion and promises to turn heads.

Fedora hat © Maison Sirafe

Fashion statements that celebrate tradition and artistry

Rooted in the cultural richness of the Middle East and brought to life through centuries-old techniques, Maison Sirafe is a story of passion, innovation, and individuality. Birthed by co-founders Georgia Van Gemerden and Danial Shahmir, who transformed a simple hat into a show-stopping accessory, the duo’s natural flair for customization would garner them attention on an international stage. Fueled by a growing admiration, in 2021 Maison Sirafe officially entered the fashion scene, armed with a mission to make hats more fashionable, long-lasting and above all, to shine a light on the artistry behind each piece. Today, with a focus on high-quality materials and the intricate art of Middle Eastern embroidery – a traditional craft that binds time, skill and dedication, the brand not only creates visually stunning hats, but empowers the local artisans behind the stitches and shares their story with the world.


Maison Sirafe Fedora Hats

Stylish hats with playful designs 

Inspired by the nature that surrounds us—galaxies, flowers, oceans and all—every hat serves as a vibrant canvas, rich with stories from around the world. From sophisticated fedoras with hand-embroidered designs, to elegant straw hats and ultra-chic, reversible and linen bucket hats with multi-colored patterns, every detail is  chosen to evoke a sense of wanderlust, while paying homage to ancient techniques in a playful and vibrant way. All hand-crafted and adorned with embroidery from across the globe, each piece is a bridge that connects cultures and evokes a unique style. Of course, headwear has been around for a long time, but Maison Sirafe’s products carry with them a certain authenticity which is hard to find. Every feature perfectly fuses to create a series of entirely unique hats, that bring confidence to the wearer and inspires them to embrace their individuality.

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Hats © Maison Sirafe

An ode to ethical luxury

In the realm of responsible luxury, Maison Sirafe stands tall as an example of sustainability and ethical sourcing. Guided by a commitment to the environment, the brand’s materials are thoughtfully chosen and locally sourced from the destinations they are made in. The brand avoids mass production all together and works closely with artisanal groups from start to finish. Through strong partnerships, they provide a platform for these craftsmen, giving their impressive skills a spotlight in the fashion world. In choosing Maison Sirafe, wearers champion a story of sustainability and empowerment, one that reverberates far beyond luxury industry.

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