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Stylist Nadia De Col on her favorite fashion trends for Summer 2020

Though there may be a lot of uncertainty surrounding the next few months, one thing’s for sure: summer has arrived and there’s an abundance of fashion trends worth talking about.

“This season’s really about sustainability! We’re seeing a huge comeback of trends from the past and a shift to more natural materials and fabrics” Nadia De Col, founder of Style Strategy tells us. As a personal stylist and image consultant running her own business in Geneva, Nadia helps people to define their style identity, developing a style that reflects the personality within, and in turn, that makes them look and feel their best. Having professionally trained in fashion capitals like Paris and Milan, Nadia has an eye for lasting trends, and knows how to create them responsibly.

Summer 2020 fashion trends reflect an industry working to do better, with designers paying homage to past styles and creating designs that are more environmentally friendly. “You can see it in the return of natural fabrics like linen, cotton, rope and straw, and patterns inspired by nature” Nadia tells us. As designers pledge to fight industry waste, with brands like Gucci and Gabriella Hearst creating the industry’s first carbon-neutral runway shows, fashion is no longer just about the clothes, but more about the message and ideas behind them.

With a variety of styles emerging from the runway, we spoke with Nadia about her favourite trends for Summer 2020 and how to create them.

Tell us more about the trends you selected?  

Essentially, this season celebrates a multitude of eclectic styles, with designs inspired by the seventies, and more sustainable fabrics and materials ready to be worn. I selected the styles that are timeless and evergreen—classic and flattering— and that will never fade away. With all the trends that come and go, it’s important not to become a victim of fashion, and instead use fashion as a tool to benefit your life.


Tell us more about this trend?  

The safari trend is taking hold this season, and I’m a big supporter for one key reason: it’s a versatile style that’s up to your own interpretation. The trend can be used to create different style identities, and generally flatters all skin tones and body shapes. It’s really all about earthy colours like khaki, olive green and beige, and natural fabrics like linen, cotton and silk that sit comfortably on the body.

How can we create it?  

You can create this style in so many different ways, whether you take the leisure route with a masculine shirt tucked into khaki coloured high-waisted shorts and rope sandals (you can replace these with combat boots if preferred), or a more formal look with a belted blazer paired with long trousers in shades of green, beige, or rust.

From left to right: Alberta Ferratti by Filippo Fior /

Cut-out details

Tell us more about this trend?  

Cut-out details have been around for a long time, but this season they are making a big comeback mostly for dresses and swimwear. Designers have pulled away from the conventional cut-out, and are implementing more subtle and elegant slits that accentuate the waist. I really like this style because it flatters a wide range of body shapes, and reveals sections of the body in a discreetly seductive way—this a style that oozes confidence. 

How can we create it?  

Since this style is all about the cut-out, its important to avoid over-complicating the outfit with different items of clothing and accessories. Simply take a long or short dress, that has a flattering slit along the waist or the side, and pair it with neutral accessories and shoes that keep the attention to the cut. Just remember that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

From left to right: Versace, Saint Laurent by Alessandro Lucioni /


Tell us more about this trend?  

I absolutely love this style because its extremely versatile and easy to combine with different clothes. It’s all about ruffles, frill-adorned necklines and floral patterns that give a romantic feel to any look. The materials are fluid and light, and the cuts imbue a sense of femininity and flirtatiousness. This is one of those evergreen trends that will always come back into fashion! 

How can we create it?  

If you’re taking the leisure route, try a long floral dress with ruffles, paired with rope shoes and a straw bag. Natural accessories are great with this look, as they compliment and highlight the nature patterns symbolic of the romantic style. For a more formal look (also great for work), take a floral silk top with a ruffled neckline, tucked into pencil skirt or tailored trousers, paired with a blazer—this is a great way to add a feminine and flirty touch to your look.

From left to right: Dior by Alessandro Lucioni /

Colorful suit

Tell us more about this trend?  

This season certainly doesn’t lack any colour; with a range of vibrant shades of pink, green, orange and yellow, along with softer pastel shades being displayed in trendy suit combinations. This is an extremely versatile style that can be used for casual, work and eveningwear. The eye-popping colours imbue a sense of confidence, and can have positive affect on your mood and the mood of others. As for the suit—whether its oversized or tailored—it can empower you and make you feel and look stronger.

How can we create it?  

For an outfit that states total confidence and positivity, wear a one-tone suit (a blazer with trousers) and pair it with neutral accessories and nude shoes—its all about letting the colours pop and stand out. We’re also seeing the rise of the white suit, which you can pair with a statement handbag—brightly coloured or embellished—worn with colourful sandals or heels.

From left to right: Jacquemus, Hugo Boss by Alessandro Viero /

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