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Swiss Escapes: Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort

It’s hard to imagine a more magnificent place than the Bürgenstock Resort, set on a dramatic mountain ridge overlooking Lake Lucerne. This is luxury at its best, a top-of-the range resort featuring four immaculate hotels, nine restaurants and three unparalleled spa and wellness centers that offer stunning views of Switzerland’s Nidwalden region.

What’s the story?

The resort first opened its doors in 1873 and soon after became a parading ground for the European elite, and Hollywood stars who came to marvel at its grandeur. From the likes of Audrey Hepburn who married Mel Ferrer in the Bürgenstock chapel in 1954, to the glamorous Sophia Loren who regularly visited with her husband in the 1960’s, the Bürgenstock has long been praised as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The resort’s appeal still stands today, and after it underwent a seven-year-long $560 million renovation in 2017, there is really no place quite like it.

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer on their wedding day (1951) at Bürgenstock © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

How do you get there?

Driving from Geneva it takes around 3 hours, and there is special scenic route via Interlaken which offers stunning views of Switzerland’s Lake Breinz and Lake Thun. You can drive direct to the resort’s entrance, but we recommend taking the idyllic lake-to-mountain route which heightens the thrill.

After a half-hour boat trip across Lake Lucerne, you’ll reach the carriages of the charming Bürgenstock funicular where the real adventure begins. From here, you’ll begin to slowly climb the mountain, taking in dramatic views as you approach your destination.

Which hotel is the best?

All four hotels within the resort are perfectly enthroned on a picturesque mountain top above Lake Lucerne. Whether its the glass-and-steel Bürgenstock, partially cantilevered over the edge; the classical Palace; the traditional chalet-like Taverne 1879, or the more discrete Waldhotel, each hotel offers a unique experience. 

Inside the Bürgenstock hotel, you can’t help but marvel at the lavish interior by London-based MKV Design, who thoughtfully put together an incredible design. Combining organic warm woods, with polished golden pillars and velvet furniture, the interior compliments the natural landscape while still retaining a glamorous feel.

Aerial view of Bürgenstock Resort © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

How about the rooms?

The most superior rooms in the resort are located in the Bürgenstock hotel, which feature luscious warm-toned woods, perfectly finished natural stones and bond-esque bathrooms that offers panoramic views of Lake Lucerne.

The rooms in the Palace hotel are similarly impressive, featuring classical materials, textures and furniture that combine to create an elegant and soothing atmosphere — opt for the lake-view suite with a balcony, you won’t be disappointed.

Deluxe Lakeview room at Bürgenstock Hotel & Spa © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

Deluxe Lakeview room at Bürgenstock Hotel & Spa © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

Where to eat and drink?

Between the Sharq Oriental, with its Aarabesque interior and shisha lounge; the classic French restaurant RitzCoffier; the Swiss Taverne 1879, and our favorite, Spices Kitchen & Terrace, all of the hotel restaurants offer spectacular dining options.

Spices Kitchen & Terrace at the Bürgenstock Hotel creates a particularly special atmosphere, serving a combination of Japanese, Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisines in a panoramic room suspended over the edge of the mountain.

Spices Kitchen & Terrace © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

How about the spa?

Out of all the resort’s wellness facilities there is nowhere quite like the Alpina Spa. Spread across 10,000 square metres and three grand floors, this is Switzerland’s largest alpine wellness spa.

With floor-to-ceiling windows offering impressive lake views, immaculate wood and slate materials lining 15 treatment rooms, a sauna, and an infinity-edge pool, the Alpina Spa redefines wellness design.

Alpine Spa Infinity Edge Pool © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

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