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Wedding Season: The Swiss Fine Jewellery Brands Every Bride Should Know

As you prepare for one of the most magical moments of your life, choosing the perfect bridal jewellery becomes paramount. It’s more than just the sparkle; it’s about discovering pieces that reflect your unique style and will be cherished forever. From bold, contemporary designs that break the mold to exquisite lab-grown diamonds and classic pieces radiating timeless elegance, our bridal jewelry guide ensures every bride looks and feels extraordinary on her special day.

For the Bold and Colourful: Nomad Jewels

Colourful, eye-catching, and stylish are just a few words that come to mind when you think about Nomad Jewels. Founded by Geneva-based designer Daniela D’Agostino, Nomad Jewels reflects her vibrant universe, with each creation carrying a story, a memory, or a symbol that connects the wearer to a special place and moment in time. Slow fashion is at the core of the brand’s philosophy, with artisans crafting quality heirlooms meant to be passed down through generations. Traditionally, brides incorporate something blue into their wedding attire, but Nomad Jewels encourages you to embrace a multitude of colours to stand out. Start your bridal look with the White Sky Reflections Necklace, an 18K yellow gold masterpiece dripping with 5 carats of white sapphires, adding a brilliant touch of sparkle to your neckline. Complement this with the Rainbow Bracelet from the Desert Collection, a modern take on the classic tennis bracelet crafted in 18K yellow gold with multi-coloured sapphire baguettes, wrapping your wrist in vibrant hues. For a playful twist on the traditional wedding band, the Rainbow Ring, set with vibrant multi-coloured sapphires in 18K yellow gold, makes a bold statement of individuality and style. To tie it all together, the Rainbow Roses Earrings in 18K rose gold adorned with a stunning array of round and baguette multi-coloured sapphires, capture the light beautifully and create a dazzling effect with every movement. These earrings mimic the entrancing beauty of a rainbow, making them a true visual masterpiece on your special day.

For Heartfelt Elegance: Artegemma

Founded in 2015 by Geneva-based designer Gabriela Maier, Artegemma epitomizes the pinnacle of Swiss craftsmanship and creative design. Think joyful, modern and elegant—Artegemma’s one of-a-kind masterpieces burst with personality and can be stacked and styled in countless ways. Handmade in a local atelier, each piece showcases unparalleled artistry and is crafted to be worn, loved, and passed down for generations. For the bride who wears her heart on her sleeve—quite literally—Artegemma’s Heart collection is the ultimate choice, offering a bold and playful tribute to the classic heart motif —an enduring emblem of love, unity, and affection. The Small Pink Sapphire Heart Pendant necklace features a dual-heart design— 3 one heart sparkling with diamonds, the other vibrant with pink sapphires, both set in 18kt rose gold. Paired with the Heart sautoir necklace, showcasing eight varying-sized hearts, these pieces are ideal for making a statement on your wedding weekend. Turn heads at the welcome dinner with the Pink Sapphire Drop earrings, featuring two heart-shaped designs—one encrusted with diamonds, the other with pink sapphires, set in 18kt rose gold. These statement earrings bring a romantic and bold touch. And don’t forget the Pink Sapphire Ring, where two hearts meet in perfect harmony—one set with pink sapphires, the other with diamonds, in luxurious 18kt rose gold. It’s the ultimate symbol of love and unity.

For the Love of Pearls: Chiara Tedeschi Jewellery

In the fiercely competitive world of fine jewellery, Chiara Tedeschi is turning heads with her playful, contemporary take on the timeless pearl. Born from a family business with over 30 years of expertise in the pearl industry, this brand has earned a sparkling reputation for excellence. Each piece is responsibly handmade, with every pearl carefully handpicked in the brand’s Geneva atelier, chosen for its natural beauty and luster. In fact, pearls have long been part of bridal history, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, where the precious sea gems were thought to symbolize love and purity, with brides donning them to absorb positive energy as they walked down the aisle. Fast forward to today, and Chiara Tedeschi Jewellery is giving this age-old gem a modern twist, creating inventive and stylish pieces that are guaranteed to make you shine. Two standout pieces include the Moonlight Drop Earrings and the Moon Trinity Necklace. The Moonlight Drop Earrings are a celestial dream, featuring six round pearls and one drop pearl cascading in a tribute to the moon’s phases. Each pearl glows with its own unique iridescence, adding a touch of magic to your bridal 3 look. The Moon Trinity Necklace, with its three shimmering freshwater pearls on an 18k gold chain, exudes effortless sophistication and will elevate any ensemble with understated elegance.

For Modern and Personalised luxury: Ann Perica

With a penchant for exceptional gemstones and 70’s inspired silhouettes, Ann Perica crafts pieces that are both timeless and unique. Each creation is a testament to Swiss quality, transparency, and sustainability, using 18 karat recycled gold and meticulously handpicked stones. At Ann Perica, personalization is key—you can choose the color of the gold, select your favorite gemstones, and even add a personal engraving, ensuring the jewelry is as unique as your love story. One of the standout pieces perfect for brides is the Harmony Ring. The ring features an asymmetrical trio of 3 round brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18k gold or platinum, forming a captivating harmony that symbolizes the balance and beauty of marriage. This is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a bespoke treasure. The ring can be customized to individual tastes, for example with galaxy diamonds for a mystical touch, white diamonds for timeless elegance, or blue aquamarines for a splash of color. This versatility ensures every bride finds her perfect match, reflecting her unique style and story. Discover Ann Perica’s showroom in Zurich’s Seefeld and let your bridal journey commence with unparalleled artistry and personalized charm.

For the Ethical Bride: LOEV

As you embark on the journey of forever, LOEV’s modern-meets-sustainable fine jewellery will be your trusted companion. This is Switzerland’s leading brand for lab-grown diamond jewelry, offering contemporary, edgy silhouettes perfect for the modern bride who values both style and ethics. The brand’s philosophy, embodied in its name LOEV, meaning “Love and Everyone,” celebrates the inclusive and universal language of love, embracing the diversity of all couples, with unisex pieces that can be worn and styled in a variety of different ways. Our favourites? The Eternity Ring redefines the classic symbol of everlasting love, featuring a continuous row of brilliant-cut lab-grown diamonds set in 18Kt recycled gold and an engraved texture for a contemporary edge. Available in yellow, white, and rose gold, this ring is a true chameleon—personalize it with a significant date, or stack it with the LOEV Eternity collection, mixing various band widths and shades of gold. And then there’s the Toi et Moi Polished Asscher Ring, an asymmetrical masterpiece symbolizing the union of two souls. This eye-catching ring, available in 18Kt recycled yellow, white, and rose features a 3 magnificent Asscher diamond offset by a curved band that cradles a row of brilliant-cut diamonds, representing the connection between two hearts. This sophisticated design can be worn alone for a bold statement or paired with the Checkerboard Toi et Moi for a stunning visual effect. It’s the perfect representation of two lives merging into one, making it an ideal choice for couples.