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L.Raphael’s science-backed, luxury beauty and skincare products are the ultimate gift this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating with your partner, best friends or anyone else, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the special people in your life just how much you appreciate them. Flowers and chocolates are lovely, of course, but why not pamper a loved one with a world-class skincare gift that’ll literally make them glow, and improve their overall confidence — you can’t go wrong with L.RAPHAEL.

L.RAPHAEL products © F.Ducout 

Offering luxurious, science-based cosmetic products for over 25 years, L.RAPHAEL is a Switzerland-born beauty brand that has undoubtedly revolutionised the skincare industry and become a leader at the forefront of the anti-ageing movement. Thanks to a winning mix of technologically advanced formulas, high quality ingredients and its Seven Foundations of Beauty, a pioneering holistic lifestyle approach that has become a core philosophy in the wellness industry, L.RAPHAEL has carved out a lasting legacy with products that reinvigorate the senses and deliver long-lasting, visible results.

A Temple of Beauty on the shores of the lake

Their Temple of Beauty, a seven-story maison on the prestigious Rue de Rhone in Geneva, not only showcases the brand’s renowned collection of skincare products (in their beautiful signature orange packaging) available for purchase, but offers a comprehensive selection of facial and body treatments, beauty services (for both hair and nails), healthy meals for clients and even houses a facility for invasive cosmetic treatments as well. This is the ultimate pampering address in the city; a multi-dimensional residence that enables guests to escape, de-stress and elevate their beauty in a sumptuous setting overlooking the lake. Whatever you planned on getting this V Day, a high-performing product from L.Raphael won’t disappoint.


L.RAPHAEL residence © F.Ducout

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