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Nour by Jahan: The Geneva-based high jewellery brand interlacing centuries-old expertise with timeless, contemporary designs

Whatever the occasion, jewellery has the power to elevate both your mood and outfit, and is one of the most meaningful accessories you can own. We all know that style is entirely personal, but it’s hard not to be inspired by the collection of magnificent creations and 170 year legacy behind the Geneva-based high jewellery brand Nour by Jahan —and it’s led by Nour, an eighth generation jeweller from the Jahan dynasty, who has carved herself a unique place in their history.

The brand — launched in 2020, was born out of Nour Jahan’s ambition to turn her lifelong passion for jewellery and design, into wearable art. Being the youngest and first female to launch her own line, Nour interlaces her contemporary vision with centuries-old expertise, creating elegant, high jewellery with a modern twist. From the dazzling diamond watches that showcase the brand’s technical prowess, to the show-stopping bracelets that achieve inventive shapes and outlines, Nour by Jahan offers beautiful, statement jewellery that has a unique story to tell — and we’re listening.

Their stories are fascinating too—some of them tributes to the world around us; while others capture the essence of a single moment in time—but each represents something powerful. The brand carries with it the Jahan Maison’s profound savoir-faire, combining exceptional Swiss craftsmanship with some of the rarest gemstones in the world. Nour’s jewellery is so much more than just an accessory, but a symbol of unparalleled artistry that brings confidence to the wearer and makes them shine.

Read on for our exclusive interview with founder, Nour Jahan, where we discuss her inspirations, the importance of sustainability and the perfect collection for Valentine’s Day.

Why did you create Nour by Jahan?

I’ve had a passion for jewellery ever since I can remember – I knew I was meant to be a part of this world. Growing up I was surrounded by my family’s business, and loved observing how they would select and design rare gemstones, to create majestical pieces of jewellery. Seeing their devotion to the craft, inspired me to do the same and continue our long-lasting legacy.

I designed the first Nour by Jahan sketches at the age of 16, while studying at university in the UK; where I worked rigorously on creating unique and contemporary designs that were one-of-a-kind. After year’s of perfecting the pieces, and seeing how people admired them at worldwide exhibitions, I went onto launch Nour by Jahan in 2020. It’s something very dear to me, and the word “Nour” actually means “the divine light” — I believe creating jewellery is a way of sharing my inner light with the world, giving confidence to every woman and revealing their unique radiance.

Tell us about your design process. What inspires your designs?

I get inspiration from the beautiful world surrounding us. Each creation captures a single moment in time, and my goal is to transform these precious moments—my vision of the world— into beautiful works of art. Once I have the idea, I personally hand-draw and create each design with pencil and paper, and then take it to be converted to a 3D computer-aided image, so we can refine and perfect each detail. The images are then brought to life by our trusted Swiss artisans, who love what they do and ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship. As everything is done locally, we are able to oversee the entire creation process and take immense pride in checking each step, from start to finish.


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What is your favourite collection and why?
My signature collection Nour by Jahan, featuring multi-coloured sapphires and white diamonds, is definitely one of my favourites. I was inspired while strolling through London one evening, mesmerised by the colourful city lights as they criss-crossed against the night sky. I was compelled to create jewellery that would capture this magical scene, and combined rare shades of pink, blue and violet gemstones, surrounded by a window of white diamonds, so that they could distinctly shine against the skin — just as the lights in the night sky. It was particularly special because it was the first collection I released and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

Nour Bracelet, featuring multi-coloured sapphires & round brilliant-cut diamonds in white gold

What kind of person wears Nour by Jahan?

Nour by Jahan jewellery is for every woman, no matter your background, ethnicity or age. I want all women to dazzle and shine. I create jewellery that illuminates natural beauty — pieces that give you confidence, reveal your unique radiance and encourage you to step into your own spotlight.

Describe your jewellery style in three words?

Unique, timeless and radiant.

What is your approach to sustainability and ethics? How do you source your gemstones?

Sustainability has always been important to me; creating a brand that responsibly sources from suppliers, while manufacturing locally and minimising our impact. I’ve been lucky enough to source from the Jahan private stock, that contains some of the rarest diamonds and gemstones in the world; extracted from reputable mines that comply with industry standards. We audit all members of our supply chain too, ensuring that they share our values and utilise ethical, environmentally conscious practices. We are even part of initiatives like the ‘‘Kimberly Process’’ for diamonds, that promotes positive development in the country of origin, while maximising transparency. I take pride in upholding these standards, and hand pick each stone to ensure the highest quality for my clients.

We hear you have the perfect collection for Valentine’s Day. What can we expect from it?

The Kiss collection evokes many emotions that are perfect for this occasion. The designs are a celebration of falling in love and symbolise the precious moment of a first kiss. The inspiration came to me one afternoon, when I noticed a couple kiss in front of a lake that was shimmering from the sunlight. I wanted to capture this romantic moment in the design, creating 2 interlacing bands of rose gold set with round brilliant diamonds. I see each of the diamonds like the steps in your life, and at one point your path overlaps with someone else’s; that is love. It’s a simple yet strikingly beautiful design, that pays homage to the feeling of love.


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