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Racine: The Geneva-based jewellery brand that deserves your attention

Whether its their passion for gemmology and discovering beautiful gemstones, or their unique approach to crafting timeless pieces of jewellery, Husband and wife Pedro Oselieri and Miriam Bergesen are the jewellery designers to watch.

Had the design duo not made their decision to study gemmology and follow their passion, the jewellery market would be all the less vibrant. Pedro and Miriam’s Racine not only defies the conventions of the industry, but makes bold statements that stand out on any occasion. 

“Unique fine jewellery handmade in Geneva”

The jewellery is intricate, colourful, and beautiful — and completely inspiring to look at. Everything is hand-made in Geneva, and interestingly, no piece is ever created the same way twice. Their customers embark on a unique buying experience, where they purchase jewellery that no other person will have.

There’s no doubting that Pedro and Miriam value the individuality and quality of their jewellery, but when getting to know more about who they are and what inspires them, it makes their designs that much more special.


How did you get into the jewellery business and what made you go for it?  

While studying together at the school of gemmology we developed a strong passion for gemstones and design. We always had the entrepreneur spirit, and realised that with our knowledge and desire to design, we had the potential to create our own band. 


What inspires your designs? 

It can be anything around us, but really we draw inspiration from the gemstones themselves. Depending on different characteristics such as their shape or colour, each gem inspires it’s own unique design. We’re also inspired by our surroundings —  the endless variations in architecture and art are elements that inspire us. 


We read that you never create the same piece twice. Why did you choose to embrace such a method?

There are so many different variations, styles, and shapes of jewellery — why remake the same design when you can create a new one. We want our clients to feel special, knowing that they’re wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery unique to them. We might create a similar version of a previous piece, but we try to design according to the individual cut of a gemstone, which makes each item exclusive and special. 


What kind of person wears Racine?

Our clients are sophisticated individuals that value wearing unique yet timeless jewellery. They appreciate that the jewellery is handmade locally by artisans in Geneva, as opposed to the mass production lines of bigger brands. They really understand the skill and passion that goes into creating handmade jewellery.

Lampiao Earrings with diamonds, 

emeralds and natural pearls.

Carlu Earrings with old cut diamonds

 white gold and silver.

What are your favourite pieces and why?

Pedro: My favourites are certainly the Lampiao Earrings! They’re made with emerald  diamonds  and natural pearls, and pay tribute to my Brazilian heritage. The green colour is representative of Brazil, but the shape of the earrings themselves draw inspiration from the traditional hat of folk musicians from Northern Brazil — which is where the name of the earrings comes from.

Miriam: I really love the Carlu Earrings with old cut diamonds, white gold and silver. We saw the diamonds at an antique auction, and I was immediately drawn to their old and rustic appearance. We were inspired by their heritage, and created an art-deco vintage style that best represents them.


The new generation of buyers place a big importance on brand values and ethics, and if a brand uses sustainable practices. How do you appeal to this generation and what is your approach to sustainability?

Racine jewellery is handmade locally in Geneva, which makes our brand different to bigger brands who work on mass production lines. A lot of the gemstones we use are also recycled from old pieces, and we recycle them ensuring that our scraps go to the right places. We stay local, buy locally, and give work to local artisans, which helps give back to the community. 

We also care a lot about protecting the environment, and that’s why we’ve started bee keeping here in Geneva. Bees are the most important pollinators in the current climate, and that’s why a part of our profits will be put toward protecting the bees

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Date & Time: 14 February, 20:00-22:20
Where: CGN Mont-Blanc, Quai du Mont-Blanc 1, 1201 Genève

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Take a closer look at some of our favourite pieces.

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