Artist to watch: Swiss painter Simone Monney draws worldwide acclaim with “Shining Stars” painting

A rising talent in the world of painting, Simone Monney has rocketed onto the international art stage through a series of transfixing gestural canvases that have drawn worldwide interest and acclaim. A recipient of the Global Art Awards 2021, it’s not hard to see how her work— a symphony of lyrical brushstrokes, spontaneous shapes and bursts of vibrant colors—caught the eye of the world’s most respected professionals and marked her as one of Switzerland’s artists to watch.

At the heart of Simone’s approach, multilayered images are an exploration of the senses and a tool for self-expression. Her paintings showcase an incredibly diverse palette of colours and techniques, used to translate complex emotions inspired by her environment. Charged with energy, Simone’s prizewinning painting ‘Shining Stars’ (Global Art Award 2021 in Tokyo) exemplifies this unique style: featuring layers of spontaneous gestural strokes—composed from a mix of Indian ink and metallic acrylic paint— that swirl and vibrate off each other, in unexpected ways. The youthful hues of gold, purple, pink and green crash against one another, forming impromptu shapes and lines that completely pull you in. As you walk from one side of the canvas to the other, the colours change before your eyes, resulting in a body of work that completely envelops the viewer and transports them to a universe of endless possibilities.

Shining Stars by Simone Monney © Simone Monney

With each new canvas, Simone truly embarks on an intuitive journey, embracing her immediate sensations of a place, memory or experience and pouring into her work. She enjoys the freedom and experimentation that abstraction allows, using bold colors and unintended brushstrokes to create compositions that inspire. Through works like ‘Shining Stars’ the self-taught painter highlights the beauty in spontaneity, allowing for explosive landscapes that evoke layers of emotion.

Simone’s fascinating and ever-changing inspirations will be on full display inside the Palazzo Bembo, at the prestigious Venice Biennale 2022, where her first ever multi-sensory project; as part of the “Personal Structures’ exhibition (April to October), invites art enthusiasts to immerse themselves deeper through evocative scents and aromas paired with paintings.

Capturing attention: Here the painting enhances a modern hotel reception, with mesmerising strokes and bursts of youthful colors that capture attention © Simone Monney

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