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Valmont’s Essence of Bees – A mindful collection of high-performance products that champion honeybees

Golden, sumptuous, delicious. Honey is one of nature’s sweetest gifts, with natural antibacterial properties, rich antioxidants and hydrating abilities that make it a versatile skincare hero. For years, the Swiss cellular cosmetics brand Valmont has honored the majesty of honeybees in Switzerland, understanding the invaluable role these tiny wonders play in the world of skin health and beauty. But now they are taking things up a notch. Within their recently updated Essence of Bees collection, under the extraordinary L’Elixir des Glaciers range, the brand not only offers a masterful combination of results-proven ingredients, but reaffirms their commitment to protecting the guardians of nature’s gold, with multiple philanthropic and sustainable initiatives that work to safeguard bees and preserve biodiversity.

Swiss heritage meets scientific innovation

In the realm of luxury cosmetics, there are few names as synonymous with innovation and excellence as Valmont. The Swiss brand, born off the shores of Lake Geneva, has been crafting science-backed skincare formulas for over three decades, achieving success through the groundbreaking usage of powerful molecules DNA and RNA, as well as potent natural ingredients found in the unspoiled landscapes of Switzerland, to combat the visual signs of aging. At the helm of the brand stands Sophie Vann Guillon, a visionary CEO whose boundless passion for biology and dedication to elevating the skincare experience, catapulted the brand to new heights. Today, under Sophie’s vision, Valmont remains steadfast in its commitment to scientific innovation and nature, combining patented technologies with active materials sourced from the environment, like Rosa Moschata, organically grown in the brand’s Phyto Alpine Garden; glacial spring water, drawn from the heights of the Swiss Alps in Arola; and honey from Swiss honeybees – the key ingredient in Valmont’s latest Essence of Bees collection.

Sophie Van Guillon © Valmont Cosmetics

Crème de Masque Majestueuse (CHF 490.-,


Essence of Bees

Sublime sensoriality, sophisticated anti-aging expertise and rare ingredients that push the boundaries of science for exceptional visible results.

Unlocking the powers of the beehive

Valmont’s dedication to the environment and the well-being of their customers is evident in their latest update to the Essence of Bees collection, where the magic of science harmonizes with the wonders of the natural world. Positioned as a daily anti-aging routine for dry skin, Essence of Bees combines the powers of honey, a natural moisturizer; propolis, used as a purifying agent; and royal jelly, the most precious ingredient from bees, through a patented and eco-friendly lipophilic extraction process (generating zero pollution), that preserves the beneficial properties of the hive and produces a rich complex that regenerates the skin.

The collection comes with three high-performance products: Huile Majestueuse, a nourishing face oil enriched with 97% natural ingredients, that melds seamlessly with the skin and delivers omegas and precious hive-derived elements; Crème de Masque Majestueuse, a transformative treasure with a velvety texture that morphs into a delectable oil and then into a into a soft milk during rinsing phase, providing irresistible indulgence and anti-aging benefits; and Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux, a light and fast-penetrating eye serum, with a new satin texture, that tones the eye area and combats sagging eyelids. With a combination of elite, natural ingredients and luscious textures that offer an unparalleled sensory experience, Essence of Bees is not only a promise of efficacy, but a promise of comfort and pleasure. 


A mindful mission beyond the pursuit of beauty

Beyond its superior formulas, Valmont’s Essence of Bees emerges as a shining example of conscious cosmetics, with a sustainable mission that extends far beyond the pursuit of beauty. The mindful project, born from the partnership between CEO Sophie Guillon and Swiss beekeeper Stephanie Vuadens, led to the creation of a campaign that sustains Switzerland’s honeybees by offering foundational support for 20 hives. And yes, the sweet treasures harvested from these colonies are all present in the Essence of Bees collection. Valmont has not only embraced such initiatives, but has also joined forces with four associations, each contributing to vital honeybee preservation activities. From supporting the education of future generations with La Fondation Arche des Abeilles, to sharing beekeeping savoir-faire and biomonitoring the environment with the European association BeeLife, Valmont understands the finite nature of our planet’s resources and the need to protect them. 

In addition to the brand’s preservation efforts, Valmont President and Artistic Director Didier Guillon has  crafted a limited-edition artistic case, with only 70 pieces available for purchase, which further pays homage to the world of honeybees. Crafted from eco-designed materials and adorned with a brass and ebony honeycomb structure, the artful case houses a 50-ml jar of Crème de Masque Majestueuse and a 12.5-ml bottle of Huile Majestueuse, With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Valmont’s partner associations, reinforcing the brand’s unwavering commitment to the planet and protecting bee populations.