Inside the world of Artion Galleries: a celebration of art across cultures and moments in time

In the heart of Geneva’s prestigious old town, a symphony of art and history unfolds within the exclusive walls of Artion Galleries. Founded by visionary art enthusiast and collector Konstantinos Manolakis, this creative haven reimagines the gallery experience, offering an extraordinary fusion of tradition and innovation that inspires emotion and evolves the narrative of art […]

Headwear that stands out: Maison Sirafe crafts timeless, statement hats for every occasion

Defined by a playful design aesthetic and a steadfast commitment to traditional craftsmanship, the Switzerland-born brand, Maison Sirafe, is bringing a fresh touch to an age-old fashion accessory and making it utterly relevant. The brand interlaces a unique narrative of cultural heritage and modernity, offering timeless, statement hats that elevate your personal style. Whether you’re […]

Chiara Tedeschi Jewellery: Meet the jewellery brand reimagining pearls and creating modern heirlooms that inspire

In the fiercely competitive landscape of fine jewellery, a rising brand, Chiara Tedeschi Jewellery, is carving out a name for itself by reimagining the timeless allure of pearls, with a playful and contemporary aesthetic. The brand interlaces an age-old, family legacy with fresh ideas and sustainable approaches, offering exquisite creations that showcase masterful craftsmanship, and […]

Haute Jewels Geneva 2023: Get ready for the ultimate showcase of craftsmanship and artistry in the world of fine jewellery

Inventive designs, high-quality craftsmanship and rare gemstones from across the globe. These are the ingredients for one of the most anticipated jewellery events on Switzerland’s social calendar: Haute Jewels Geneva. Back for its third instalment, from Sunday 26th March – Sunday 2nd April 2023, this year’s edition takes place at the sophisticated Fairmont Hotel and […]